Underwater World Langkawi Review

Underwater World Langkawi have more than just fishes

I have visited Underwater World Langkawi more than 10 years ago with my family. However, my impression was rather vague, and I felt that there was nothing much to do at that point of time. Since my friend wanted to visit the place, we decided to walk over from Laman Padi Langkawi which is along the way.

As we entered the building, it was pretty dark, and we headed towards the counter to purchase our tickets. The tickets costs RM53 for walk-in international visitors (adults), while child <3 and senior citizens 60> were priced at RM43.

Various Zones of Underwater World Langkawi

Firstly, we spotted various reptiles kept in tanks upon entering the first zone. There were Amel Corn Snake, African Giant Bull Frogs, Water Dragon and a couple more. Directly opposite would be the first tank of marine creatures were Iridescent Sharks, known as catfish without scales.

There were various other non-marine creatures such as the pretty greater flamingos, penguins and otters! I was tempted to chase the semi-roaming birds from the next zone that was designed like a mini park. Throughout the zones, there were various tanks of marine creatures, all housed based on their species and habitat. I love walking through the zones even though I spent short amount of time staring at each marine creature. My friend on the other hand enjoyed taking videos of these them.

A section of the place features fossils, crustaceans and seashells of various species and sizes. They definitely appealed to me since they look so beautiful. I caught sight of a giant clam shell which was really that huge too! Right towards the exit would be a photo booth as well as a gift shop where you can shop for souvenirs such as duty-free chocolates and merchandise.

In conclusion, remember to check the schedule of feeding times upon arrival to make the most of your visit. The timing we visited was less than 2 hours before closing, therefore the place was quite empty. There was no longer any interaction or feeding going on as well.

Anyway, Underwater World Langkawi is located walking distance away from where we were lodging. We headed back after touring around, right before they close for the day.

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