Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi Review

Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi

Located at Teluk Datai Bay, 10 minutes away from Langkawi Cable Car, the Crocodile Adventureland has an area of 10 acres. According to the Malaysia book of records, the place showcases the biggest crocodile in captive, aside from being the largest crocodile park.

We took a grab over to the location where we purchased the entrance tickets. There were 2 options of tickets to select from, namely the “Croc Encounter Combo” (RM 90 / adult) and the “Snack Bites Combo” (RM73 / adult). In any case, the only difference would be the voucher for photo pass or meal to dine at the restaurant.

Crocodile Adventureland in Langkawi offers various activities that cater to all ages. Here are some things you can do there:

1. Juvenile Crocodile Feeding/Fishing

Firstly, a small bag of crocodile pellets and a rod with meat attached was distributed to each of us at the entrance. We watched the crocodiles feed on the pellets as we toss them into selected enclosures. Crocodile fishing means feeding them by lowering the meat using the provided rod, was a unique opportunity for most of us. Hence, if you would like to feed them more, you can purchase crocodile pellets at RM5 per pack or RM15 per session for crocodile fishing.

2. Crocodile Shows

Next, enjoy live shows featuring trained handlers demonstrating daring stunts and feeding the crocodiles. Fortunately, there will be an announcement via the loudhailer every time a show was about to begin. Undeniably, the feeding session was exciting as we watched the trainer tossed whole chickens (not live ones) to the crocodiles. Feeding time slots are at 1.15pm and 4.30pm.

3. Crocodile Photo Sessions and Photo Spots

Basically, you can get up close and personal with a baby crocodile for a unique photo opportunity. Meanwhile, explore around Crocodile Adventureland as there are few spots where you could take OOTDs. These spots include a heart shaped background, a swing and a mini suspension bridge.

4. Crocodile Education

As I have noted throughout the park, there were many educational boards showcasing facts about crocodile. Do you know that the temperature of a crocodile egg can determine its gender? Anyway, check out the crocodile anatomy as well as preserved crocodile organs sealed in jars too.

5. “Bujang Basar”

Another main highlights would probably be “Bujang Basar”, the largest living crocodile ever caught in Malaysia. Evidently, there was a certificate which certify that “Bujang Basar” was listed in the Malaysia book of records too.

Lastly, visit the souvenir shop where you could shop for crocodile-themed memorabilia, gifts, and items made from crocodile leather. All in all, do give this place a visit if you have some spare time in Langkawi.

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