Laman Padi Langkawi Rice Museum Review

Laman Padi Langkawi is a museum which showcase the history of rice growing.

We only came across Laman Padi Langkawi while looking at the map for places to visit in our hotel room. The place is located along Jalan Pantai Chenang, with plenty of shops and restaurants along the sidewalk.

Laman Padi Langkawi is a living museum of an eco-tourism attraction, conceptually based on the love for nature in a traditional setting. This setting promotes a rustic view of the serene greenery of the paddy field within the compound.

The admission is free for the public, and tours around the compound is available too. Paddy cultivation is something new to people like us – city dwellers. We hardly get the opportunity to witness or even step into a paddy friend. I was glad that you could read up on the cultivation process in details there. There were 4 stages which includes seeds selection, seeds preparation, transplanting, harvesting & trashing. The overall number of days from the first to fourth stage would take 100-120 days!

Besides the paddy fields, there is a museum on-site where visitors could visit. It is a place to gain knowledge about the history and significance of rice cultivation in Malaysia. Since the history and traditions are dated hundreds of years ago, the place offers very useful insights into the various types of rice grown and their cultural importance. It was definitely an eye-opener for most of us since there were a variety of unique artefacts showcased.

Nature Lovers?

For nature loving visitors, they should also not miss the opportunity to spot birds found around the paddy landscape. The paddy fields in Langkawi provide a nice habitat for these birds as there are plenty of water, insects and aquatic creatures for food. At Laman Padi itself, there over 20 species of birds, and the white Stork is the most common. We even spotted the water buffalos which are the most important animal for famers around the paddy fields too.

In conclusion, Laman Padi Langkawi is a beautiful place that offers a variety of activities related to rice cultivation and Malaysian agriculture. There are various things you can do there but remember to check ahead as activities might vary depending on the season and scheduled events.

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