The Farm at Pantai Acheh and The Lake Cafe Review

The Farm at Pantai Acheh is located at the extreme north-west end of Penang island. As the name implies, the farm is a place that has an enclosure of various animals, birds and aquaponics. My friend had suggested visiting the place after coming across it on social media. Unless you drive, it is definitely a difficult place to get to and out from.

After having breakfast at Toh Soon Cafe, we were fortunate enough to be able to book a grab. Travelling from Georgetown to Pantai Acheh is really far and most driver would not take the job. We appreciated that our driver did hint to us about the “ulu-ness” of that location. My friend decided to proceed on since she has already made up her mind to visit.

We finally reached our destination after around 45 minutes and were the first guests to arrive. We spotted a few enclosures the moment we stepped in. There were parrots, ferret, beaver and rabbits. After walking through a doorway covered with nettings, we spotted many peacocks, turkeys and small goats wandering around. Since we were unfamiliar with animals and birds, we found them a little intimidating and were afraid to get too close to them. There were also a cassowary, golden peasants and many more dwarf rabbits in separate enclosures.

The Lake Cafe

My friend’s main objective was to visit The Lake Cafe which she found attractive on social media. The cafe itself is located at The Farm which overlooks a pond with many geese. The 2 main photography spots would be the giant bird’s nest facing the lake. Unfortunately, the geese were all hiding at the far end of the lake and not swimming about as we took the photos.

We decided to order a platter of finger food and iced cold beverages to quench our thirst. The weather has been rather unforgivingly hot lately and we needed a break from the photo taking. As mentioned earlier on, leaving the place was difficult as there were no grab drivers around the area. We seek assistance from one of the staff who drove us to Starbucks Botanica DT for a reasonable rate. From there, we had no issues getting a grab ride back to our next destination. Appreciate the helpful staffs there!

In conclusion, The Farm at Pantai Acheh and The Lake Cafe is a charming spot that is located away from the city. It is usually more frequented by locals and also tourists who seek a peaceful setting to enjoy. The scenic surroundings and the opportunity to interact with animals and birds makes it an interesting destination for families with young children too! Do check out my other travel reviews too!