Penang Hill and Monkey Cup Cafe Review

Penang Hill is one of its most iconic landmarks of Penang, yet I did not manage to visit during my previous trip. I finally ticked this location off my bucket list during this trip with my friends. Glad that we took a hearty local breakfast at Cecil Street Food Court before arriving. There were definitely some climbing to do over at Penang Hill, and best to dress comfortably.

There was barely any queue at the ticketing counter since we were early. We purchased our ticket and headed through the room with historical information of the place. Like most people, we walked through without reading and joined the line for the Funicular Railway. With the Funicular Railway divided into several cabins, it was no surprise that both ends were most sought after. It offers a lush tropical foliage view as the train made its way upslope or downslope, creating a sense of adventure.

Finally, the train chugged to the top of the hill, and the thought of witnessing a panoramic views of the city grew. Unfortunately, on that day, a blanket of clouds or fog was covering the landscape, resulting in a blurry view. There are in fact multiple viewing platforms where you can capture stunning photos from the top. We came across the Love Lock Walkway where you could take a romantic stroll along with your partner. This is also where couples can leave a symbol of their love by attaching a padlock to the fence. There are also museums such as the Teddyville Museum and Toy Museum which we did not manage to explore.

For those who the adventurous types, there are hiking trails that lead through the forested hills of Penang. These trails offer opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the area and encounter wildlife. However, remember to keep an eye out for the mischievous macaque monkeys that inhabit the hill. While they can be entertaining to watch, be cautious with your belongings and avoid feeding them.

Monkey Cup Cafe

Although there were several restaurants around Penang Hill, we decided to head over to the Monkey Cup cafe for tea. We were perspiring profusely by the time we reached the place. It was an outdoor, dining in the forest concept where the tables were similar to large terrariums. The cafe was quite crowded and we order tea and cakes to share.

Although the cakes were mediocre, the ambiance made up for the experience. The entrance of the place was giving me the wilderness village vibes. After our tea break, we paid a buggy driver to take us back to the starting point within minutes. If we had known about the buggy, we would have paid and gotten the ride over instead of walking for half an hour. Finally, we took the train down Penang Hill and headed to our next destination.

In conclusion, whether you’re a nature lover, history enthusiast, or simply looking for panoramic views, Penang Hill has something to offer for everyone. Do check out my other travel reviews too!