Munchkin and the Gang Cat Cafe in Penang Review

Munchkin and the Gang Cat Cafe is located in the midst of Georgetown, Penang. The cafe is rather spacious as compared to the ones in Singapore or other cat cafes. We spotted many adorable cats through the large glass window, and decided to reserve the visit for our last day in Penang.

Visiting the cat cafe seems like the most logical and perfect spot to hang out to avoid the sun. After checking out of our hotel by afternoon, we took a grab over. Upon entering, we were introduced to the 2 entry options that is available:
Option 1: 25RM entrance fee which includes a drink per pax
Option 2: Order a drink + any 2nd item in the menu per pax

Since we already had a very heavy dim sum breakfast from a nearby restaurant, selecting option 1 would be our default choice. If not, we all felt that option 2 would be more viable since most customers were seen having their mains there. As we walked to our seats, our eyes were already darting around and looking at the cute cats. We almost forgot to order our drink first! The drink menu consists of many caffeine options and milk tea. I decided to go for the standard ice lemon tea instead and definitely love the sourness of the drink.

There was a menu which feature the photos of all the resident cats and their breed. The cafe comprises of a mix of Maine Coon and Long Hair/ Short Hair Munchkin. We realized that all their names starts with a “C” and they were all looking well taken care of.

Overall, it was in fact my virgin experience visiting a cat cafe. The experience at Munchkin and the Gang Cat Cafe was rather therapeutics, watching the cats sleep or stroll around the place. Most of us were either taking photos and videoing as we stroked, patted and played with the cats. We easily spend over 2 hours in the cafe before leaving for an early dinner and to catch our flight afterwards.

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