Silk Tea Bar – A Modern Tea Bar in Chinatown

A Modern Tea Bar in the midst of Chinatown could be a rare find in Singapore.

Silk Tea Bar is well hidden along Sago Street of Chinatown, on the second floor of a shophouse. My friend and I chanced upon this modern tea house (bar) as we were seeking a place to chill.

Curiosity led us up the flight of wooden steps and a showcase of Chinese teapots and teacups greeted us first. The scent of wood filled the air or perhaps it was the aroma of tea? The staff greeted us warmly and asked if we had made a reservation. It was so fortunate that day since the bar seats were still available even though we had not made any reservations.

Silk Tea Bar probably could accommodate only up to 20 pax at most, with the view overlooking Buddha Tooth Temple. We eyed the window seats in envy as we scanned through the menu. To be honest, neither of us were familiar with tea!

Choosing our Chinese tea was a hard choice

My friend finalized on Dancong ‘Pomelo Blossom’ 2022, with tasting notes of candied pomelo and green florals. The mention of 2 steeps meant progressively 2 different notes each time. The steeps vary from different teas as some might have up to 5 steeps.

I randomly picked the White Peony single brew tea that was served in a mug. It was a white tea with lemon zest notes. Silk Tea Bar menu also offers kueh and peanuts to pair with your tea, but their kuehs were unavailable that day though.

In conclusion, we actually found the prices a little steep for Chinese tea itself since a cup could reach 2 digits. However, the ambience pretty much made up for it. It was conducive to chill or even catch up with friends or enjoy some me-time. This is what attracts me to explore teahouses around Singapore. Do check out my other teahouse experiences!

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