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Five Stars Hotels Recommendation in Singapore

On vacation in Singapore, don’t forget to explore various culinary centers that are
mouthwatering. In Singapore, there are many delicious restaurants, ranging from simple
restaurants on the side of the road to luxury restaurants that are usually located in
skyscrapers in Singapore.

There are many ways to enjoy Singapore. If you are a newcomer who is on vacation to
Singapore, you can choose what hotel to stay in and in which area, of course, this will
greatly affect your comfort while in Singapore. For that, we recommend the following Five Stars Hotels Recommendation in Singapore. It would be for those of you who want to feel comfort and luxury, see the reviews below.

Hotels Recommendation in Singapore

1. Pan Pacific Singapore

Pan Pacific Singapore is a hotel that offers comfort and luxury to its guests, with
various complete facilities and also close to many famous places and restaurants in

Rooms at Pan Pacific Hotel are equipped with a flat-screen TV, refrigerator, and
minibar, as well as a swimming pool to relax and recover. You can also enjoy free
internet access and also free breakfast from the hotel.

Due to its strategic location, this hotel is close to many famous places in Singapore,
including Little India, and Orchard Road, for those of you who like art, several art
galleries are also close to this hotel, such as Ode To Art, Degiosart, and The Arts
House, which located not far from the Pan Pacific. Don’t forget to sample delicious
dishes from nearby restaurants, such as Wing Seong Fatty’s (Albert) Restaurant, Hai
Di Lao Hot Pot, or Hai Di Lao.

2. The Clan Hotel Singapore by Far East Hospitality

The Clan Hotel Singapore is located in the center of Singapore, in this hotel you will
feel the feel of history wrapped in modern luxury. The service and comfort will make
your stay memorable.

Room facilities are equipped with a flat-screen TV, minibar, and air conditioning. You
can also enjoy a 24-hour front desk, room service, as well as an outdoor swimming
pool overlooking the stunning city view of Singapore.

Places to Visit in Singapore

Besides the mentioned Five Stars Hotels Recommendation in Singapore, Singapore offers a variety of interesting places and entertainment. It includes cafes and you can easily find various cafes that serve the best coffee menus and unique places
that make you more comfortable. Here are also some recommendations for cafes in
Singapore that you can visit to try the best coffee menu in Singapore, see the reviews

1. Toby’s Estate
Toby’s Estate is a unique café, this Café uses dry-processed coffee beans. This cafe
believes that the technique they use will make the aroma of the coffee beans come
out more and not lose the original taste. House blend is a blend of 5 types of coffee
beans originating from Costa Rica, Uganda, Panama, Brazil, and Ethiopia.

You should try some of the mainstay coffees here, including the Gibraltar latte which
gives off a fruity and floral aroma, the latte, cappuccino, and espresso here are made
with double ristretto shots to make the taste even more intense. And there are many
more coffee and cake menus that you can try at this Café.

2. Common Man Coffee Roasters
The owner of this cafe is a person who likes to travel, no wonder he is willing to
explore remote places in the world in search of quality green coffee beans. This cafe
collaborates with various coffee farmers from around the world, it is clear that the
coffee menu provided by this cafe is also one of the best in Singapore.

You can try ordering two of your favorite menus at this café, namely, CMCR Espresso
which is a combination of 3 origin blends from Brazil, Sumatra, and Ethiopia. So it
produces a sweet and mild taste when drunk. Then there are 22 Martins who are
also favorites. The taste of this coffee has an element of dark chocolate and feels
heavier than CMCR Espresso.

Ready to visit Singapore for your next vacation trip? Don’t forget to book your ticket flights
and book your hotel room based the Five Stars Hotels Recommendation, only from Traveloka.

Check out what other local recommendations I have reviewed too!

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