Meatless Night Market at Fo Guang Shan Hsingma Si, Johor Bahru

Meatless Night Market held at Fo Guang Shan Hsingma Si (佛光山新馬寺) from 16 – 17 September.

This was my first stayover trip out of Singapore ever since the pandemic hits. I was quite excited to join Fo Guang Shan’s volunteer group with my friend for this trip. It was a short 3D2N and we were thankful for Fo Guang Shan Hsingma Si kind hospitality.

One of the main highlights of this trip would be the Meatless Night Market 2.0 (無肉夜市). Some might call it meatless “Pasar Malam”. The previous round of meatless night market held on International Earth Day. It was so successful that it was held once again.

“Pasar Malam” is now an uncommon sight in Singapore, and I reminiscence the past. In this night market, we used coupons in exchange for food and beverages, or even merchandise. My friend and I bought 50RM worth of coupons each to spend for the 2 days’ dinner shown below.

Delicious food from Meatless Night Market

There were about 70 booths in total, offering various food. Luckily, we shared the food so that we could try up to 12 different items! There were seats within Fo Guang Shan Hsingma Si but we decided to just gobble them up along the streets. In fact, I really enjoyed most of the food we had!

As this event is to educate the younger generations about being eco-friendly, we were encouraged to bring our own containers / reusable bags to take away food.

Booths where games are catered to the young ones were setup too. It was such a joy watching them enjoying themselves thoroughly as their parents watched on. Finally, there were performances lined up for both nights. Rounds of applause could be heard from the crowd, cheering on the performers.

Despite it being a short trip, it was a rather fulfilling experience for us. We did visit 3-4 other places but another highlight which I will be blogging about is Putuo Village 普陀村, Kulai.

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