A Spiritual Sanctuary amidst Bamboo Forest in Putuo Village, Kulai

Putuo Village (普陀村) is a place where for you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and spirituality.

Putuo Village is located on the outskirts of Kulai, Johor. I have seen many who posted about this serene location, and I am glad it is my turn. As mentioned from my previous post, this destination was part of the 3D2N trip which I joined my friend.

Surrounded by the lush greenery, Putuo Village is a destination of Buddhist pilgrimage in Malaysia. A place where soul seekers and people fatigue with their hectic lifestyle would visit. Yes, I do include myself in those categories as well.

Upon entering the premises, we spotted the Putuo Village Wishing Tree where people toss their well-wishes on. There are others who would approach the Prayer Wheel Corridor, where they spin the prayer wheels, sincerely reciting “Om Mani Padme Hum”.

I made my way into Guanyin Hall, a temple that features the largest indoor statue of Zhunti Bodhisattva in Southeast Asia. I made some donations, just like most others would. From the temple, we started walking up the prayer path where colorful fabric hung overhead, to where the entrance of the bamboo forest is.

Putuo Village (普陀村) bamboo forest and in-house cafe

Putuo Village also offers fun and adventure, aside from Buddhism. It is their effort to appeal to all generations. This would be where the bamboo forest comes in. Like little kids, we were all excited to immerse ourselves with fun, posing with the installations. From swings to wooden flower petals and panda balloons, there were queues formed.

There is an admission ticket of 5RM for locals and 10RM to tourists. Free entry to disabled and children under 12 years old.

Head over to Putuo Village’s Fat Bamboo Cafe to take a break and recharge. Try their signature charcoal-fired bamboo glutinous rice or ice cream served in bamboo cups. That day’s ice cream menu was the charcoal and the bright-blue looking sea salt.

Grab your friends to join you on this blend of spiritual and adventure the next time you visit Johor. On a sidenote, I really love their website virtual. I wouldn’t mind visiting again next time!

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