Lavender Garden at Cameron Highlands

After enjoying picking our own strawberries from the farm, we immediately headed over to Lavender Garden. I have seen countless online reviews mentioning about this place and I could not wait to experience it myself.

Upon arriving at the Lavender Farm, I was immediately struck by the sight of building facade. It looks like a hilltop greenhouse with tentage while the entrance feature strawberries on brunches. Don’t strawberries grow on vines?

We each paid 20RM each for the entrance fee and headed in excitedly. What caught our attention as we walked in were beautiful rows of red, purple and yellow flowers. They were Mona Lavender, Begonia and Coreopsis and everyone would want a photo with the natural backdrop. Along the way, there were many other floras besides lavenders which you could pose with as well. Buzzing activity of bees and butterflies, dancing from flower to flower was pretty pleasant to watch too.

We passed a snack kiosk in the shape of a mushroom where they sell light bites and soft serve ice cream. The 2 flavors were strawberry, and lavender and I obviously picked the latter. I actually bought the cone for photo purpose since the purple looks so pretty. The ice cream was quite icy and melts rather quickly while the lavender flavor was mild.

Anyway, we continued to stroll through the garden, walking past an open-air cafe that sells lavender cheesecake. Further in led to an area where visitors could pick their own strawberries. You probably might want to skip such places as red ripe strawberries are probably all picked. Right before the exit was a souvenir shop retailing all sorts of strawberry and lavender merchandise. The plushies were rather cute though.

In conclusion, the Lavender Garden of Cameron Highlands would be a great place for anyone. Not only it is great for family with kids, but you could also take down some flower names which might be helpful for a date.

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