Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong Review

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong is one of the few heritage Hotel in Singapore

I travelled all the way to the south-eastern part of Singapore where Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong lies. The boutique hotel which we were about to stay for a night is an IHG Hotel (InterContinental Hotels Group).

Upon stepping in, I fell in love with the hotel’s architecture which seamlessly blended heritage with modernity. I have always love hotels with a touch of heritage and thought only Penang has it. The friendly staff warmly welcomed us, and we felt an instant sense of comfort.

After having a glass of complimentary tea and checking in, we headed straight up to our hotel room. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see how the room looks like. Sure enough, we were captivated by its chic design and thoughtfully curated decorations upon entering. The room boasted a charming mix of Peranakan elements and contemporary touches, a true reflection of Katong’s cultural heritage. There was a carrom striker table solely for display, Peranakan porcelain wares, wall murals depicting a hawker scene and traditional basin to soak one’s feet.

Anyway, it was time for us to hit the hotel’s rooftop pool for a swim. The sight of the shimmering water against the backdrop of the city skyline was breathtaking. We spent half an hour taking photos, occasionally cooling off in the refreshing pool.

Rooftop 88 and Baba Chews Bar and Eatery

For dining options, there is either the Rooftop 88 or the Baba Chews Bar and Eatery to go to. Rooftop 88 offers dishes from Baba Chews Bar and Eatery’s kitchen, therefore the similarities in menu. I did enjoy the delicious dishes as I sipped on my lychee martini, while admiring the beautiful cityscape. Rooftop 88 is also open to the public to enjoy the view since the rooftop is not limited to hotel guests.

The following day’s breakfast, we headed over to Baba Chews Bar and Eatery, located on ground floor. There was a selection of cold cuts, bread & pastries, yogurt & cereals and self-squeeze orange juice. After scanning the menu, we also ordered some dishes from both the Western and Asian side. After stuffing ourselves full, we headed back to our room to rest before checking out.

Overall, I definitely love the heritage vibes of Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong and how clean the hotel is. This staycation has also given us an opportunity to recharge for the following week. If you are not as lazy as us, you could also take a walk and explore the hidden gems around Katong.

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