Journey Beauty Brow Work Facial Treatment Review

Journey Beauty Brow Work is a one-stop beauty salon in the neighborhood for your beauty needs.

Located a bus stop away from Tampinese East Mrt Station, I made my way over to Blk 201E, Tampines Street 23. The beauty salon is located on the second level, from the back entrance. I actually could not find my way and ended up walking in circles at first.

I was greeted by the cheery staffs after I made my way up the beauty salon. The salon portrayed a minimalist retro vibe as I walked across the corridor, led by the staff into the treatment room.

Rejuvenation OPT Facial

Before doing the Rejuvenation OPT Facial, the facial therapist started off with cleansing of my face. It was then followed by minor eyebrow plucking since my brows were messy. I was not used to the plucking at first but as long as I could look neater, go ahead!

The next step would be the application of serum in gel form, before the use of the treatment machine. The machine has 6 main functions such as for skin rejuvenation, whitening, reduce acnes, anti-wrinkle, remove melanin & remove skin redness.

I was pretty much impressed with the amount of dead skin cells and dirt removed from my face, from the work of the machine. My face was way smoother and brighter than before the facial treatment. Last but not least was the application of a soft clay hydration mask onto my face. My face definitely needs more hydration especially after serving my reservist under the hot sun.

Being a one-stop salon for beauty service, Journey Beauty Brow Work Beauty Salon offers various other services besides facial treatment. Ladies would be glad to know that they could do eyebrow embroidery, laser hair removal and eyeliner embroidery as well.

Overall, it was quite a positive experience and recommended for those staying around the neighborhood. You may want to read about my other skincare reviews as well.

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