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Easy meal for the busy you – Summer Origin

Summer Origin is an online store that retails healthy convenience food, founded by a lady who realized the meaning of self-worth. The brand advocates for self-love, aimed at promoting mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Summer Origin has recently introduced a series of new healthy convenience products which I am excited to share.

Generally, I have always enjoyed drinking herbal soup, both the Eight Treasures Tonic and Euccomia Waist Tonic did not disappoint. I love how there was sweetness which lingered after every mouthful. Each packet includes a chicken drumstick too! These tonics are in ready-to-heat heavy duty pouches. Simply heat and serve.

Box of ginger tea (Mixed flavors) is something I keep in my arsenal (office drawer). I often drink ginger tea after lunch as ginger could ease bloating and gas. It is evidently beneficial for someone like me who occasionally experience gastric discomfort or reflux. It was relatively mild and not overly pungent.

Lastly, I could never get enough of Summer Origin Collagen Jellies bowls. They are not too sweet, do not taste artificial and make excellent refreshing desserts. The Collagen Jelly Bowl comes in 4 different flavors which are Osmanthus, Longan Red Dates, Passionfruit and Cranberry Sakura.

These items do not need refrigeration. Check out my Instagram video here.

Summer Origin Mix Konjac Gift Trial Set

Previously, I have tried Summer Origin Mix Konjac Gift Trial Set that is perfect for keto diet. If you must be wondering why, Konjac is basically zero-calorie, water-filled excellent alternative to carbs. They are high in fiber and aids weight loss. My customized trial set includes Konjac Rice, Konjac Spinach Noodle, Konjac Carrot Noodle, Konjac Fettuccine and Konjac Penne.

It was really convenient to cook these konjac noodles in frozen soup bases which Summer Origin carries as well. The Beauty Chicken Collagen Soup, 1L consists of a drumstick and other vegetables! The Shabu Twister fish broth with vegetables was just as tasty.

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