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Hair Service Review at Gataomo-an Aveda Lifestyle Salon

Gataomo-an Aveda Lifestyle Salon offers various hair services by professional hair stylists.

Situated conveniently in town, within Far East Plaza where many other hair salons clustered as well. Gataomo-an Aveda Lifestyle Salon has recently turned 10 this year and has always been dedicated to the art of hairdressing. With professional stylists in the house, experienced in creative and versatile hairstyles, I knew I am in safe hands.

I made my way to Gataomo-an Aveda Lifestyle Salon that day and was greeted by the friendly staff. The salon was somewhat minimalist yet having a touch of modernity. I then proceeded to place my bag into a locker, before heading over to the salon chair.

Since my hair wasn’t very long to begin with, I just requested trimming for neatness before coloring my hair. As I thought of being a little bold and adventurous that day, I decided to go green. Pointing my preference of the dark green from the booklet to the stylist in which I would require bleaching.

Bleaching and Coloring

The bleaching process was not exactly too long since the green tone I have selected is of a darker shade. There was only slight prickly sensation since the stylists avoided having the bleaching agent touching my scalp. After bleaching, there was a first round of shampoo and rinse off.

Next step would be the dyeing process and I already could not wait to see how the color turns out. After the stylist has mixed the hair dyes, he proceeded to apply it onto my hair for 3 different durations. It was to finalize on the tone of green I wanted for my hair.

Finally, after the dyeing process, with another round of shampooing and rinsing off the dye, I have gotten my green I had requested as shown! A lovely intense tasting tea was also served as I waited for my hair color to set in.

Green is a rather short-term color and could easily fade off in less than 2 weeks. I will be back again for a more mainstream color like brown which could last longer the next time I am back! Not forgetting to add that Gataomo Salon has a wonderful OSIM massage chair for customers to enjoy while waiting.

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Alvin Sim
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