Reneu Skin and Wellness Signature Cinderella Facial Treatment

RS Signature Cinderella Facial

Reneu Skin and Wellness, a family-orientated business has recently opened its second outlet in the heart of Orchard Road. It is conveniently located at Pacific Plaza, just minutes’ walk away from the MRT station.

I took the escalator up and stepped into the brightly lit outlet, greeted by the friendly staff that day. There was a huge range of skincare products displayed on the lit-up tabletop. The sight of a peculiar shape TV-like machine located at the corner caught my attention straight away.

This was when I was introduced to the Ioma Paris, an unrivalled multiple purpose technology to analyze individual skin condition. Basically, it was the first process of the Signature Cinderella Facial I was about to do in order to improve my skin condition. I seated down to allow the machine to take multiple photos of my face. After a while, few pages of report data were printed out. The report was so detailed that I was left confused! It showed some of the following:
⏩Fine Lines
⏩Diffuse Redness
⏩Bacteria activity
⏩Excess Sebum
⏩Dark Spots.

Looking through the analysis report, my facial therapist customizes a facial treatment for my skin condition. After drinking a cup of warm tea, I was led into the facial treatment room with wallpaper of a forest. As I lay back and enjoy the pampering facial session done by the skillful therapist.

☑️1st trial @ $88 (only for new customers). Additional 5% off while booking online when you quote “RENEU5”

☑️FREE IOMA Sphere 2 Personalised Skincare Analysis only at Orchard outlet.

Skipping the details of my treatment since it was personalized based on the Ioma Paris analysis of my skin.

Facial treatments aside, Reneu Skin and Wellness also offers other services such as womb massage, mud moxibustion, pain relief, and more.

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