Carnival Magic Theme Park and Parade in Phuket Review

Carnival Magic Phuket is probably one of the newest highlights and a must visit destination in Phuket. The vibrant nighttime theme park spreads over 40 acres in Kamala, combining Thai cultural elements with modern entertainment. It dazzles visitors with its fun pastel colors, array of lights, sounds, and a spectacular parade show.

Similar to Siam Niramit Phuket Cultural Thai Village and Show, I had already purchased the entrance tickets from their website. With 2 options to select from, we decided to purchase the park admission tickets without the buffet dinner. Those who opted for the buffet dinner could proceed over to the Bird of Paradise Buffet Restaurant before the parade starts. The restaurant has many beautiful ornamental peacocks around its palace-like structure. It features a 3,000 seat, fully air-conditioned banquet hall, and offering a huge selection of fusion cuisines.

As our grab transport drove towards the grand entrance, I was already excited upon seeing the carnival-like buildings. We proceeded to the ticketing counter to queue as we would need to collect our tickets. Upon entering, many shops along the way greeted us. Most of them are retailing various merchandise such as plushies and souvenirs. Secondly, there were carnivals games which were all pay-to-play and where you could win plush toys as rewards. There was even a petting section where you could carry and pet some animals as well as birds.

One interesting area to explore would probably be the toilets! It took us a while before realizing that those spacious and colorful ”rooms” were actually cubicles with functional toilet bowls. Even the taps had a design that made me feel like I was in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Do not be surprise if you come across the world’s largest popcorn machine while wandering around the place!

River Palace Parade Show

Needless to say, the centerpiece of Carnival Magic is the River Carnival Parade, held in the River Palace. It is a 2,200-seat indoor theater with cutting-edge technology​. This 50-minute show features over 88 massive parade floats, animatronics, and a cast of 300 performers. It was really fun and entertaining watching the carnival parade which reminded me of Chingay Parade in Singapore. Similar to the other shows in Phuket, the staffs were rather strict on the no recording devices rule.

Eventually, the parade show has ended and we headed outdoors where a large display of LED lights greeted us. It took us probably about up to 20 mins to walk through the lights and even a glow-in-the-dark segment. As for those who are tired or too lazy to walk, they could opt to take the sight seeing tram for 200 Baht each. You would definitely want to get your cameras set to night mode for this!

In conclusion, visiting Carnival Magic Phuket offers a unforgettable experience for the young and young at heart alike. It is a place where parents would bring their kids to play, run around and enjoy themselves. The carnival-like theme park reminded me of the childhood we all would miss. Whether you’re captivated by the grand parades, the dazzling light displays, or the diverse dining options. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at this magical theme park.

However, do take note that Carnival Magic is open every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday only. Their operating hours starts from 5.30pm to 11.30pm, and I felt that there is no need to arrive too early.

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