Phuket FantaSea Theme Park and Show Review

Phuket FantaSea Theme Park is located in Kamala, right beside another must-visit destination – Carnival Magic. The attraction stands as another cultural theme park that offers a variety of entertainment options and activities. Similar to the other theme parks and show in Phuket, I have already bought the tickets online beforehand.

Since Phuket FantaSea is our third theme park of our Phuket trip, we decided to head over around 7.00pm. We knew that being too early would only result in waiting for the show to start. Performers present the show ‘Fantasy of a Kingdom’ once a day in the ‘Palace of the Elephants’ theater, starting at 9.00pm. Also, we did not opt for the Thai and International buffet option, held in the “Golden Kinnaree” restaurant.

At first, we thought the theme park would most probably be an underwater theme due its name. We were partly right as indeed there was the carnival game zone with luminous cartoonish sea creatures. Aside from the carnival games which were all pay-to-play, there were also various shops selling merchandise. Located at the central of the theme park, there were elephants where guests could ride on. The most photo worthy spot would be the “Palace of the Elephants” theater. The building architecture was so grand, and it has many elephant statues sprouting water from their trunks.

Before the main show began, there was a mini performance where various dancers danced in vibrant costumes. The crowd had already gathered around the stage before the show began and we joined the crowd, expecting a performance. Since we were still early, we headed over to the Kamala Pier Restaurant for dinner. It is one of 4 restaurants located within Phuket FantaSea theme park. We ordered from a main and drink from its a-la-carte menu, accompanied by their live music entertainment!

Fantasy of a Kingdom Show

Finally, it was time for the “Fantasy of a Kingdom” show to start. People started streaming into the theatre, where they had to first deposit their recording devices. We all knew the staffs are quite strict on the no-recording regulations since other shows followed the same protocols. The 3000-seat, state-of-the-art theater that houses an award-winning Las Vegas-style theatrical production was so grand! We could not wait for the shows to start.

All in all, the storyline is a fantastical tale that combines elements of adventure, romance, and mysticism. It comprises themes of unity, bravery, and the triumph of good over evil being central of the narrative. The show includes intricate choreography and acrobatic performances, with aerial ballet, magic tricks and pyrotechnics adding to the thrill. It was exciting to see animal appearances and audience participation, making the experience more engaging and memorable. The show did offer us a unique and enchanting glimpse into the cultural and artistic heritage of Thailand!

Phuket FantaSea Theme Park is open every Tuesday, Friday & Sunday, from 5.30pm to 11.30pm. Do check out my other travel reviews too.