Andaman Embrace Patong Hotel in Phuket Review

Andaman Embrace Patong Hotel is a 5-star hotel located about 10 mins walk away from Patong beach. Despite its 5-star rating, the hotel unfortunately falls way below my expectations. It was the Songkran Festival period when most other hotels had already fully booked. I had no other options but to stay in this hotel for 3 nights.

We took a grab ride from Woo Gallery and Boutique Hotel, which is located at the old town district in Phuket. The journey was only about half an hour, cutting through the mountainous region of the island. As first-timers visiting Thailand during the Songkran Festival, the local’s preparation for it fascinated us. We spotted many roadside booths set up, selling water guns of various sizes.

Upon reaching Andaman Embrace Patong Hotel, I initially felt quite stunned. The first impression I had of the hotel was it radiating country club vibes. I looked at the poolside, which appeared quite large, offering various spots to chill. Guests sat in front of the bar having a drink, semi-submerged in the water.

After checking in, we headed up to the hotel room and my first impression was that the place was old despite being clean. Both the room and the bathroom had that yellowish tone, and the condition of the place was deteriorating. There were stains and tearing which made me slightly uncomfortable. I did not have any intention to sit and soak in the bathtub at all. The shower was bad as the water pressure was weak, making it difficult to have a proper shower. The worst was probably the noisy aircon which prevented me from having a proper night’s rest.

Before stepping out into the streets, we actually dropped by the hotel’s convenient shop. We had to purchase waterproof pouch where we could place our mobiles, passport and wallets. We knew for sure we would be soaking wet once we step out! Although we have complimentary breakfast for 3 days, we only ate breakfast during our first. The breakfast was really meh and it was not at all fantastic. We decided to have breakfast in cafes around the area instead.

All in all, Andaman Embrace Patong Hotel is considered to be rather clean despite being old. The beautiful poolside and its convenient location near the beach would probably make up for the aging compound. Upon checking out on our last day, it took us more than 1.5 hours to get to Phuket International Airport due to the jam. Do remember to set off from the hotel early especially during major festivals such as Songkran.

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