Hotel Review – Art’otel Cologne by Park Plaza, Germany

While 25 Hours Hotel Das Tours, Dusseldorf  was warm, cozy & furnished in German-French vintage style, Art’otel Cologne by Park Plaza on the other hand showcased modern, minimalist and stylish design.

Getting to Art’otel Cologne by Park Plaza was rather convenient as it only took less than 10 minutes by bus 133 from Cologne Hauptbahnhof Main Train Station. Being located along the Rheinauhafen district, the Old Town and a museum was just few minutes walk away. Not forgetting the Lindt Chocolate Museum which was about 3 minutes walk across the Rhine River.

Art’otel Cologne exterior somewhat reminded me of a museum due to its asymmetrical structure with windows ununiformly distributed. The lobby was spacious with glass lifts and texts-designed reception counter. Its restaurant and bar faces the Rhine River, offering a splendid view as well.

After gaining the room card and WIFI password, time to explore the room before heading out to town.

Upon entering, the room was spacious with almost everything in minimalist tone of white except for the girly pink curtains, perfect for photos. There was no balcony, just a door-size window with a ledge. I love the river view except for the icy wind rushing in as I opened the window in the midst of winter.

Besides the view, I also love how the white tabletop was stretched across the room, providing sufficient space to dump my belongings and shopping bags on, after a day out exploring. Shampoos and bath gels were also available and shoutout to the vibrant and artistic single side wall tiles of the bath room! Gym facilities are also available in the hotel for those who have spare time to keep fit.

Just an add on, probably a must to add Cologne Cathedral to your itinerary since it is the most visited landmark in Germany and also being the second highest church in Europe! Take a direct bus from the bus stop just outside Art’otel Cologne to reach the location about 1.2km away. 

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