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Hotel Review – Hotel Ibis Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof

Hotel Ibis Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof will be my last hotel review for this entire Germany-France trip which I am already missing so much, especially the gothic cathedrals and beautiful architectures.

As it was finally the last night remaining in Dusseldorf and we had to take the train or should I say metro, to the airport the following morning, we naturally picked Hotel Ibis Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof to stay in. (By the way, Hauptbahnhof actually means main railway station.) 

It was close to evening by the time we had reached the hotel and sure glad it was conveniently located within the station itself. The check in process was pretty quick and we made our way up to place our belongings before heading out for a quick dinner that night.

As you can see, the room is pretty simple, nothing fanciful with core amenities such as bath towels, shampoo & bady wash as well as WIFI. We won’t expect much from decent priced hotels that are situated in convenient location which sole purpose would be for quick overnight stays.

As the main station itself has many takeaway kiosks that sells pastries, coffee and sandwiches, no harm grabbing a flakey croissant for supper or breakfast for the following day.

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