3 Crafts You Could Learn During Circuit Breaker


Ever since Circuit Breaker kicks into effect and forcefully ground most of us to our homes, the probability of us learning to tidy up from Marie Kondo increases. This was when I found my arm-knitted ‘handy’ yarn and other projects I crafted about 2 years back. Such crafts would probably be deemed as a rather time consuming hobby, perfect to dwindle your time away to pass this period of boredom.

1) Arm Knitting

The first useful craft you might want to learn would be to arm knit. As you can see from my previous post here, arm knitting requires thicker or fluffier yarns since your arms act as the crochet needles. Controlling the tightness affects how the final piece would turn out. This method would be perfect for making blankets, large clutches or bags which of course you would be required to add the linings for the latter. Check out some of the different designs you could create from the dual-colour handy yarn I was holding above.

2) Finger Knitting

Finger Knitting would be perfect for those whom would love to design their own fashion accessories such as necklaces and bracelets as shown below. You basically just require yarns and your fingers to create different designs of single, dual or tri coloured accessories. Do not have yarns? Fret not as the simplest way to obtain them would be to cut up your old T-shirts in circular motion, creating the continuous yarn. Take note that the more elastic the yarn, the easier to finger knit. Check out my previous post here.

3) Cross Stitch

Probably the most time consuming among all 3 crafts would be to cross stitch. A single small project as shown could take over 5 hours and it requires concentration since one wrong misplacement of X would be difficult and irritating to undo. Have fun cross stitching if you would like your effort to be beautifully framed up and hung on the wall for satisfaction and compliments. Check out my previous post here.

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