Top Things to do During the Langkawi Mangrove Tour

Langkawi Mangrove Tour is one of the highlights when visiting Langkawi.

A mangrove tour in Langkawi offers an incredible opportunity to explore the unique ecosystem and witness fascinating wildlife of Malaysia. There are 2 main jetties located on Langkawi that offer the tour. They are the ‘Langkawi Mangrove Tour’ and ‘Tanjung Rhu Mangrove Jetty’. The one we took our tour was the former.

Basically, there are also 2 options on how you would like to go for the tour. We decided to go with the private speedboat so that we do not need to wait for others. The package rate were as follow:

1 hour – 250RM per boat
2 hours – 350RM per boat (Recommended)
3 hours – 450RM per boat
4 hours – 500 RM per boat

The recommended time would be 2 hours since beyond that only includes optional activities such as visiting beaches and fish feeding. However, despite picking the 2 hours package, we were returned to shore after 1.5 hours. We felt a little short-changed though.

Here are some top things to do during a Langkawi Mangrove Tour:

1. Bat Cave

The first stop would be the bat cave just minutes away from the jetty where we got onto the speedboat. There is an entrance fee to enter the bat cave after we alighted at the ‘Gua Kelawar’. We saw a few wild monkeys loitering along the pathway as we headed towards the cave. The stench from the bats’ poop was quite strong, and the cave was in pitch darkness. Do rent a torchlight or use your mobile devices light to view the bats.

2. Fish Farm

The fish farm is a kelong, an offshore platform built predominantly with wood, located along the mangroves. The staff led us around the farm, showing us their various prized fishes, some which were bred for many years. They do own interesting fishes such as albino fishes and manta rays which you can pet. The kelong also houses a restaurant where you could have your meal at. However, do clarify on the prices before having any of the seafood to prevent miscommunications.

3. Crocodile Cave

You don’t actually get to see crocodiles in this crocodile cave. The reason for its name is that the cave has a unique rock formation which is the shape of the crocodile head. For live crocodiles, do check out Crocodile Adventureland instead.

4. Eagle Watching

Your boatman will then bring you to a destinated location where they would scatter eagle feed into the water. The feed comprises of chicken skins which these eagles love. Witness the breathtaking sight as these beautiful birds swoop down during the feeding sessions. It’s an iconic part of the tour!

5. Andaman Sea & Shoes Island

Lastly, we are led out to the open sea where the waves are slightly choppier, and breeze is more refreshing. Remember to take photos with the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park wordings as your background. This Geoforest Park represents the oldest limestone in Malaysia called the Setul Formation. Besides that, we to go see Thailand’s borders as well as the shoe island, shaped just like a shoe!

6. Beaches & Fish Feeding (Optional)

For those who opt for the 3-hours, or 4-hours mangrove tour packages could alight on a private beach with beautiful shores. Enjoy the fish feeding session as you spot some of the marine life living around the shores.

In conclusion, there are plenty of photography opportunities while on the mangrove tour. Besides the natural beauty of the mangroves and the wildlife, capture the stunning landscapes and unique flora and fauna too.

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