Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy A New Health Trend For Convenience?

It is a pretty common knowledge to know that Apple Cider Vinegar is high in healthful benefits. Since more people are getting obsessed with supplementing their body, there are recent trends of turning to Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy for convenience.

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IDS Clinic Pico Laser Treatment Review

I have been wanting to do face laser treatment ever since my army days, hoping that such a treatment could at least lighten my acne scars that had haunted me for years.
Since I am just lazy to do a detailed research on face lasers procedures as well as pricing, I decided to just stick back to the same skin specialist clinic which I have been visiting every few months for my keloid jabs and purchase of skin products.

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A visit to Shiro Aesthetic Clinic

It was my privilege to visit Shiro Aesthetic Clinic which was founded by Dr Zhang Yijun that opened its doors in September this year. As the name suggests, ‘Shiro’ means white in Japanese and is coherent with the clinic’s interior. The clinic is also conveniently located at Mandarin Gallery, in the hearts of Orchard Road.
Dr Zhang had attained a medical degree at the National University of Singapore and his postgraduate Diploma in Pratical Dermatology at Cardiff University. He was sharing his knowledge of some theories as well as medical treatments such as Venus Viva and Airjet when I arrived. With killer good looks and smile, the ladies were all naturally paying close attention while Dr Zhang spoke.

Shiro Aesthetic Clinic
I have personally gone through Venus Viva Treatment once, with almost a week of downtime and the results was rather pleasing to me. Full details can be found here
Just to shed some light with theory regarding Air Jet which I myself have not experienced before. It is basically a technology from Korea that assist with skin lifting. It is a needle- free treatment, painless and most effective for a variety of beauty problems such as acne scars, wrinkles and saggy skin which we all commonly hate. Depending on individual, serum would be introduced into the skin iteself through air.

I used the multi-action cream which acts as a form of a moisturising agent. It was creamy white and spreads easily onto my skin, leaving it moist without any stickiness. It was mentioned by Dr Zhang that the cream would not be suitble for young skin, which would be probably be alright for me.  
I tried using the Stem Cell Sheet mask as well and the mask sheet was somwhow misfitting to my face structure. I have used 2 masks, and they had the faint medical smell and slightly slimy on touch. Not too bad as a supplement for my skin! 
Shiro Aesthetic Clinic

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Kris By Mence – Celebrity spokesperson is The Flying Dutchman!

I made my way up Robinson Point feeling slightly anxious as it was my first time attending a beauty related event. I was expecting to see other male bloggers around since Kris By Mence is a pioneer in men’s skincare as well as body toning. I was wrong since the rest of the bloggers were females and treatments are also available for them too. 
We got the privilege to tour around the clinic. I was quite impressed by the treatment rooms being so spacious, with the couple room large enough to be able to hold a 20 pax birthday party at least. A large TV screen as well as a glass walled shower cubicle spotted! I went to ask why was there only a shower cubicle for the couples. Do they share? Turned out that many people had asked the similar question before! 
I get to take a picture with Kris By Mence’s first celebrity spokesperson whom was the veteran radio DJ The Flying Dutchman.

He has a heart condition that prevented him performing intensive exercises, occasionally involved in a few business ventures and being a co host of One FM’s #1 Breakfast Show on 91.3FM. It is nearly impossible for him to exercise the traditional way.
As a celebrity status, the more he would be conscious about going to the gym looking unglam, trying to workout with his big belly, feeling that all eyes were directed to him.  
With help of Kris By Mence’s customised management programme, he managed to regain his figure he used to have in his forties. His energy level is up, finally able to have an unobstructed view of his feet since his belly is gone. 
Some weight lost facts he shared:
-Losing a total of 8kg; 5.3kg of fats
-Reducing visceral fat by 20%
-Dropping 2 pant sizes
-Surpassed his ideal weight of 79kg, a goal he has always wanted to achieve since 2013 
-Jawline as well as neck tightened
He even joked that to lose weight, all he did was to SLEEP! (Yeah, during his treatments.)

Just some machines that would be used for the different treatments available. 

Before any treatment, you need to go through a detailed body analysis that determined your overall body composition. Here’s how the fat analysing machine’s screen looks like. The data was mine I was in the acceptable range! Phew!  

Anyway, check out their webpage for more information or call them for assistance.