SAMA Onsen and Massage in Phuket Review

SAMA Onsen and Massage is the only place in Phuket that offers a unique fusion of traditional Thai massage and Japanese bathing culture. I chanced upon this onsen and massage establishment on Google map a few days before my trip. As the stunning zen interior captivated me, I decided to make a reservation with them.

We took a grab from the old town district of Phuket and headed down south where SAMA Onsen and Massage lies. The location has less traffic as we reached our destination around 8pm. We already had decided to opt for the Onsen + Oil / Relaxing Massage package for 2 at 1990 Baht. The total duration would be about 2 hours long.

Upon entering, we were greeted by the friendly staff who had taken note of my advance booking. We were first given a form to fill up some details such as the amount of pressure, parts to focus on etc. I obviously state my shoulders since they were often stiff from my office job. Next, we get to select the type of massage oil to be used. I went for the uncommon rice oil instead of the standard lemongrass, lavender or jasmine ones.

Japanese Onsen and Oil Massage

We started off with the Japanese Onsen since we wanted to rinse off our perspiration. We were led into a Japanese designed room where a large tub was already filled. After a quick rinse, we could not wait to step into the soothing milky warm water. The water is said to be infused with imported “Onsen Powder” from Japan which started ”melting” away my stress. We soaked intermittently, coming out from the tub to gulp down the ice cold water provided.

After an hour of onsen experience, we took another rinse before putting on the Japanese bath robes provided. I love how they also provided a hairdryer as well as other amenities for guests to use before leaving the premises. Next, it was time to experience the oil massage, renowned for its relaxation purposes. Led to the massage room by skilled therapists, we laid to enjoy as expert hands work to knead away our stiffness. Each massage stroke ease away my muscle tension and leaving me in a state of pure bliss. The scents of aromatic oils fill the air, enhancing the sensory experience and deepening my sense of tranquility.

Finally, our oil massage comes to an end, and we emerge from SAMA Onsen and Massage feeling renewed and rejuvenated. We had a cup of tea paired with a cookie while waiting for our Grab car to arrive. This place is definitely a haven where relaxation and rejuvenation intertwine seamlessly.

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