I-Resort Nha Trang Hot Mineral Springs and Mud Bath Review

I-Resort Nha Trang is one of the few places that offer mud baths and hot mineral springs in Nha Trang. Travelers like me would definitely plan a visit to relax and unwind after all the walking I’ve done in the past few days.

Upon entering the tranquil oasis of I-Resort Nha Trang, the staff patiently introduced and recommended to us the various packages available. After careful consideration, we opted for the Special Mud Bath Combo, which includes the following:

  • Hot mineral mud soak in a private tub (20 mins)
  • Hot mineral with herbs in a private tub (20 mins)
  • Light meals in the restaurant
  • Hot mineral swimming pool, hot mineral soaking pool, waterfall, fountain, hydrotherapy, jacuzzi, and water park

The package cost us 500,000 VND each since we only have 2 pax. For 3-5 guests per tub would cost 450,000 VND each while 6 guests or more cost 400,000 VND each.

Mud Bath & Hot Mineral Springs

The staff allocated lockers to each guest in the changing room, where we could lock up our belongings. We changed into our swimwear before we followed the staff, who led us to the area where tubs were built into artificial rocks.

As I soaked in the warm embrace of the mineral-rich mud, I felt my stress melt away with each passing minute. The mud has a high mineral content with other trace elements, especially bromine. Furthermore, the skin will be smoother, and ruddier.

Apparently, the staff kept a close eye on the time. When 20 minutes are up, we have to get in the shower to rinse the mud off. The next bath was a hot mineral bath with herbs, which also lasted 20 minutes. The water was warmer, and I could feel the heat turning my face red from the soothing brew.

After pampering myself with the mud bath and herbal bath, we proceed to explore the rest of the place. There were various different mineral pools, waterfalls, jacuzzi and water slides. The hydrotherapy cave was rather interesting as the high-powered water jets could provide excellent massage.

Finally, we got enough of soaking and headed to the restaurant for our light meal. There weren’t many options to select from. I went for the fried noodles while my friend had the tomato meat balls with baguette. The food was pretty average, and you could get nicer ones in town. (The package does not include the drinks.)

We bid farewell to the I-Resort Nha Trang after spending half the day soaking, feeling refreshed, revitalized, and contented. It was an experience which I would not mind having occasionally, indulging in a sanctuary of serenity amidst the bustling world beyond its gates.

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