Statice Spa Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment Review

Statice Spa is a one-stop spa haven in Singapore, established since 2006.

I recently headed down to Statice Spa, located in Jubilee Square for one of their best-selling facial treatments. As Statice Spa is located in an unusual spot within the mall, first timers might find it tricky to locate the place.

Spot the full glass walls with lavender decals along the corridor as you would be entering the place. After the warm welcome, I proceed on to fill up my particulars and skin related declaration. While seated at the sofa, I took a glance around and saw that they offer a variety of treatments. Recognizing the importance of having beautiful skin and body, they have incorporated TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatments and products for busy individual to achieve holistic wellness.

Based on my skin analysis and consultation that day, I was to do an Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment of about 90 minutes. I knew my bladder would not hold on that long and I went to the washroom within the compound itself. There were also lockers available for customers to lock their belongings in.

The Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment started off with cleansing and exfoliation. Next came the extraction which I felt that I needed most before my trip. I wanted to look good in my travel photos that much!

During the extraction process, it wasn’t painful as compared to elsewhere. My facial therapist did a facial massage for me after the extraction, while sharing with me some details. Statice Spa was previously located at AMK Hub but moved over to Jubilee Square recently. Regulars and new customers will be glad to know that the relocation has resulted in price reduction for all treatments and packages.

After the short facial massage, it was time for the oxygen infuse and its main function was hydration. As I rest my eyes, I could hear the sound of liquid churning from the machine behind.

Last but not least would be the customized facial mask which has a strong scent of chrysanthemum. The treatments are in fact designed according to individual needs and wants. My mask was to reduce inflammation since I was experiencing slight acne outbreak that day.

Statice Spa do not have much information of their social media pages at the moment. Perhaps they might be updating it soon enough. Check out some other beauty treatments I have reviewed previously too.