SATS Premier Lounge at T1 Review (Singapore Changi Airport)

Visiting SATS Premier Lounge at Terminal 1 after the pandemic.

My first trip of 2023 was a solo trip, and I made the flight and hotel bookings just 3 weeks before departure. I wouldn’t say I was nervous even though it would be a first time going to Penang. It was more of excitement and adrenaline rush instead.

I had to take a Grab since my flight was scheduled to take off at 6.50am. It was the only transport option I have to Changi Airport Terminal 1. After checking in without any baggage, I headed over to SATS Premier Lounge which operates 24 hours daily. There was another Marhaba Lounge which was still close and only operates from 10am onwards.

After checking in at the counter using my premier miles application, I headed into the SATS Premier Lounge. The staff told me that in terms of food variety, Marhaba Lounge has less options.

It was about 5.30am and the place was already quite packed. Perhaps everyone was quite hungry at that time since the food trays were already half empty. They do have alcohol, coffee from coffee machines, tea and other beverages in the chiller.

The Signature laksa seems rather popular but sadly I have to skip due to allergy. In the end, I grabbed a tuna sandwich, sausages, omelet egg and sauteed mushrooms. I wouldn’t want to be too full since I am aiming to have my breakfast in Penang. I settled at a corner of the lounge as I drank my apple juice after having the light meal. All I did to pass time was to play my mobile game.

Overall, the food option was much less as compared to Song Hong Business Lounge at Noi Bai International Airport. I hang around at the lounge till it was 50 minutes before the time for departure. Stay tuned for more reviews of my Penang trip, and in the meantime, check out my other travel reviews!