Song Hong Business Lounge Review (Noi Bai International Airport)

I arrived at Noi Bai International Airport an hour before my flight back to Singapore, to make use of my credit card lounge access. It wasn’t an issue locating Song Hong Business Lounge since there were clear directions to the location.

Thankfully my friend had reminded me to make use of my Citibank premier miles credit card. If not, I would not have remembered that I could chill at Song Hong Business Lounge.

My flight was to depart the airport about 8pm and reach Singapore around midnight. I felt fortunate that I could settle my dinner over some Vietnamese meal before leaving. The lounge was fairly empty as I stepped in after scanning the QR code on the mobile application.

The lounge furnishing felt luxurious probably because of the golden umbrella-like lighting and the dark blue sofas. Looking outside through the windows, I had a glimpse of the runway except that it was pitch dark at night.

I helped myself with the beverages after seeing a wide selection to pick from. There were various soft drinks, coffee or tea and even alcohol. Not exactly a drinker but I felt their selection of alcohol was already impressive.

Next, I headed over to the cooking station where they offer either instant noodles or pho. I had the instant noodles since I seek something comforting and a little spicy too. My friend was questioning my choice after I mentioned instant noodles!

There was also a salad station, a selection of mains such as spring rolls and dim sums, fruits and Vietnamese desserts. I had to prevent myself from overeating since I will be spending the next 4 hours seated down.

This lounge is a peaceful place to chill in as I waited for my flight. This is also probably my first lounge review article since I did not manage to write about others previously. Do stay tuned for more lounge reviews in future.

This trip to Vietnam felt really fulfilling as I have managed to feature many popular destinations. I might probably feature a list of popular temples to visit in Vietnam too. Anyway, I am so excited to be planning my next trip to Penang already!