La Regina Grand Cruise Review at Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay as our last destination for this trip, and we stayed at La Regina Grand Cruise.

It is finally our last 2 days in Vietnam, and we travelled to Ha Long Bay for an overnight cruise by La Regina Grand Cruise. Launched in late 2019, La Regina Grand features colonial Indochina architecture style. It has 27 huge cabins with full-sized glass windows and a private balcony. Be sure to reach early as the cruise departs on time. If you happened to miss, you could pay a fee to take speed boat across to the cruise.

Ha Long Bay is one of the world’s seven wonder of nature and a must visit tourist destination. This was my second time visiting Ha Long Bay and I believe all the cruise program schedules were about the same.

I was admiring the colonial Indochina architecture style of La Regina Grand Cruise as I boarded it. The room was quite spacious, and I was so excited to see a large wooden bathtub! Best of all, I could soak and enjoy the view of Ha Long Bay at the same time.

The next moment, we were to gather at the dining area at the second floor for a briefing of the program schedule. We were hungry after the briefing and we could not wait to see what was served. It was a 5-course lunch that comprises of an appetizer, soup, salad, mains and dessert. The food was delicious, especially the grilled seabass with rice noodles and special sauce. We all get to enjoy our food with a view of Lan Ha Bay here.

As for dinner, we savored traditional-meets-modern dishes laid out on deck as a buffet spread. The BBQ segment was the highlights where there were grilled meat, shellfish, squid and prawns! Enjoy the ‘Happy Hour’ as there is a 1 for 1 promotion too.

Enjoy the scenic view of Lan Ha Bay and Tuan Chau Cave.

The scheduled includes a few activities for the guests and visiting the Light and Dark Cave was the first. We could either choose to go through the caves by kayak or by bamboo boat. We picked the latter since we do not need to paddle the boat ourselves. Be sure to keep the bamboo boat well balanced while you are busy taking photos.

The following day morning would be to visit the Tuan Chau Cave, an iconic and historic cave in Cat Ba Island. We climbed a flight of steps before reaching the mouth of the cave. Walking through the route would require you to bend down due the low heights at some point.

Aside from these 2 main activities, there are also:

  • Cooking class demo to make traditional Vietnamese spring rolls
  • Squid fishing
  • Swimming
  • Soak in the jacuzzi pool
  • Taichi in the morning
  • Sing karaoke (own cost)
  • Massage (own cost)

The very next day, brunch buffet was served while the cruise heads back to Tuan Chau Marina.

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