Royal Park Rajapruek in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Royal Park Rajapruek and its name means King’s Garden

Royal Park Rajapruek (King’s Garden) is one of the few leading tourist attractions in Chaing Mai. We caught sight of a lone Ratchaphruek tree (the Koon tree), regarded as the national flower of Thailand at the entrance. The “Commemoration” of His Majesty the King was held in this place while the name Ratchaphruek flower is used as the name represents “The Royal Tree”.

Being both an attraction and an exhibition space, the park offers a delightful experience for all. There were lush botanical gardens, cultural exhibitions, and hectares of serene natural beauty. We paid an entrance fee of 200 baht each before entering its grand entrance lined with elephant sculptures and colorful flowers.

There is a total of 3 transport option within the premises. They are the free shuttle tram, private shuttle tram and bicycle. Since we were slightly pressed for time that day, we took the shuttle over to the Royal Pavilion. Throughout the short ride, we passed by attractions such as the New Theory, Orchid Pavilion, Flora Glasshouse and Bug World. The presenter explained each themed pitstops in Thai which we could not understand due to language barrier.

Finally, upon reaching the Royal Pavilion, located beside King Rama Honor Park, everyone alighted. We could choose to continue the ride or alight at any pit stops along the way too. We climbed up the flight of steps leading into the Royal Pavilion and the interior was so majestic. Not only that, but the view was also breathtaking as all directions were lush greenery.

Other Gardens

Although the Royal Pavilion is one of the main attractions, the park also has many other beautiful gardens. The place is home to a wide variety plant collection, showcasing both native and exotic flora. Visitors can explore different themed gardens, including Orchid Garden, Rose Paradise, Shaded Paradise, etc.

Overall, the Royal Park Rajapruek is a popular destination for those interested in horticulture, culture, and natural beauty. It provides a relaxing and educational experience for all visitors. Please note that not all flowers are in full bloom throughout year. The Rose Paradise which we visited hardly has much beauty to showcase. Do check for the most up-to-date information before planning your visit there!

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