Arena eSports Hotel at Orchard Review

Arena eSports Hotel is probably the worst hotel I have stayed in Singapore.

I have never stayed before in a budget hotel, and I hoped it would be my last time. After a quick search through a hotel booking platform, I came across Arena eSports Hotel. As mentioned on its site, the hotel is equipped with coworking, co-playing and co-living facilities.

There are two of such hotels in Singapore and I booked the one located along Orchard Road. The location is quite accessible, mere walking distance away from Somerset MRT station. The other location is at Bugis, another centralized location around town.

I walked over to CuppageĀ Road where the hotel is located at level 2. When I noticed the surroundings were restaurants and bars for drinking, I regretted my choice. I immediately headed to my room upon checking in, curious about the room’s condition. The first word that came into my mind was cramp as I opened the door. There was a flight of steps that led up to the bed while the sofa occupied most of the room space. I tried turning on the ground floor lights, and they were not working. Guess what when I asked the staff about the lights? “Most of the room’s lights were in the same condition.”

Aside from the non-working lights, the row of all the gaming computers were also not in service. I was told that it has not been in service for over a month already. Besides the computers, both the bathroom and pantry were for communal use. I actually felt the bathroom was spacious, with overhead showering facility. 2 bath towels were provided while I had to walk a long way from my room to the toilet.

In conclusion, tourists might find the hotel ideal due to its affordability and location around town. Locals like me would definitely not want a staycation in such a place unless it could be a one night’s stand.

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