Royal Eternity Tea House – A Place to Appreciate Chinese Culture

Who would have thought that in the midst of a modernize city lies a place where Chinese culture and tradition still lurks?

The mere thought of entering a teahouse excites me as I scouted the streets along Tanjong Pagar for my destination. Royal Eternity Tea House entrance pretty much stood out as I peered through the glass window panes. Wooden elements and warm lightings, offering a tranquil haven of peace and serenity is something I could never resist.

Above all, I have another objective in mind as I stepped into Royal Eternity Tea House with my friends. We were there to appreciate the Chinese Culture that might perhaps be lost as generations passed.

After the warm greetings, we went up to the upper deck, where there were 3 other tearooms. Besides being just a Chinese teahouse, Royal Eternity Tea House also offers space rental for all occasions. With 5 rooms in total, each equipped with Chinese tea brewing accessories. The rental for each room starts from $99 per hour for up to 15 pax. There were many elements of Chinese culture in each room’s furnishing. I explored the place eagerly, taking pictures with the classic Chinese town wallpaper and the Chinese classic wooden long table with tea sets.

Chinese tea and a great conversation goes well together. Do you all agree with me?

Once we went down to the lower deck, I picked my choice of tea – 紅茶 (red tea). It was recommended by the lady whom hosted us, since red tea contains almost no caffeine. These days I am pretty much afraid to have sleepless nights.

We watched as she prepared the pot of red tea for us. Rinsing the cups, controlling the seeping time and more. I felt so fortunate and proud that the Chinese culture is still present despite westernization. We all chatted as we sipped our tea and asked questions related to tea while she gladly shared her knowledge as well as her experiences.

After drinking about 5 cups of tea each, we stayed and explored the ground floor. Tea cakes and tea sets of high value were neatly displayed across the shelves as we curiously browse through.

In conclusion, it was a fulfilling experience which not many could appreciate these days. Keen to rent the space? Do check out Royal Eternity Tea House webpage for more details. Lastly, Remember to quote my blog to receive a 12% discount off all room bookings! 

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