Popular Places to visit in Okinawa, Japan

“Okinawa is very popular for their beautiful beaches” says many. This has been ringing in my ears from time to time, from family or friends who have been to Okinawa, Japan. Some might not have been there, yet they sang the same tune.

As mentioned from my previous blog entry, I went on a short trip to Okinawa prefecture before the Covid-19 pandemic started. It was a 4D3N trip and I hardly have time to thoroughly explore the place. One thing for sure, I am no beach dweller and neither the sand, saltwater and sun were my best friends.

In addition, check out some of the popular places I visited in Okinawa, besides beaches below!

Shuri Castle Park

This would probably be one of my highlights for this trip! Cutting short on its history, Shuri Castle symbolizes the glory of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Despite being burned down several times, it was restored and also registered as a World Heritage Site. Similarly, a majestic place to explore, both its exteriors and interiors. Enjoy the beautiful view as you can overlook a part of Naha from the top!

Fukushu-en Garden

The Fukushu-en Garden is not a Japanese but a Chinese Garden located in the Kumemura area of Naha. In celebration of Naha’s appointment as a sister city to Fuzhou (China), the place was built in 1992. In other words, admire the beautiful landscape, architecture such as pavilions, bridges and pagodas of Fukushu-en Garden.

Mihama American Village

In the midst of Okinawa, Japan, there is a place that resembles a big American outdoor shopping mall! This place is located in central Okinawa Honto where many American military bases were located. Don’t be surprise to spot a huge Ferris wheel protruding from the mall and there are many restaurants and shops around the area.

Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa

Speaking of shopping, Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa would be the place to visit! This place offers a huge range of designer labels at discounted prices. Be sure to take note of the free shuttle bus time slots from Naha airport.

Calbee+ Retail & Other Popular Okinawan Delicacies

Since each prefecture of Japan has their own local delicacies, Okinawa has its own highlights. Therefore, not only am I fond of Okinawa purple sweet potato series, I do love many other dishes Okinawa has got to offer. From Goya Champuru (Japanese bitter melon, egg, tofu, other vegetables) to sea grapes to Okinawan pork belly to tofu with peanut sauce.

In conclusion, I love the tofu with peanut sauce so much that I brought home many tubs. Not forgetting that I missed the freshly fried Okinawa purple sweet potato fries I had from Calbee plus!

Now you know that there are other popular places to visit in Okinawa, how about checking out other overseas travel stories?

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