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Hotel Review – Mercure Okinawa Naha

Reviving my travel memories once again with a throwback post of my Okinawa trip.

I travelled to Okinawa, Japan, over a year back when Covid-19 have not started robbing our travelling freedom. I recalled that it was a pretty short 4D3N trip with insufficient time to explore the prefecture. Hence, I managed to only visit a few tourism places in Okinawa.

Checking in at plaza premium lounge for dinner and drinks as we waiting for our flight. We took a night flight so that the next morning, we could start exploring the streets of Okinawa.

As it is a pretty short trip, my next blog post could probably sum up the activities I did in Okinawa. For now, it is all about checking in at Mercure Okinawa Naha. Getting to Mercure Okinawa Naha is definitely a breeze since the station is just few stops away from the Naha airport. After alighting, it was minutes walk before check in as well.

Since it was my friend’s birthday, the hotel staffs prepared some balloons for a little surprise in the room. The room was elegantly furnished, with hues of purple and pink complimenting the Okinawa with French influence design. The room was in fact rather clean and behind the curtain lies a beautiful view. The hotel also provided breakfast of a bun, a banana and a bottled drink every morning which we only claimed on the last day during check out.

We spent all 3 nights in Mercure Okinawa Naha Hotel since it was only a short trip. Did I mentioned that there was a 7-11 convenient store nearby where we grabbed our supper of oden every night?

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