Pier-2 Art Center Artbox in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Pier-2 Art Center in Kaohsiung is a must visit place for art and craft people.

Although I have not had a chance to visit Bangkok’s Artbox, I could probably relate it to Pier-2 Art Center when I visited Kaoh Siung, Taiwan. Pier-2 Art Center was once an abandoned and forgotten warehouse buried in history. It was due to the move from an industrial based segment to the service sector. A group of artist that injected creativity and inspirations, invoking life into this place, turning it into a centre where people come together to enjoy fine arts.

Pier-2 Art Center is stretched across a couple of streets, and it is one of the worthy places of attraction in Kaoh Siung. For craft enthusiasts, it would probably take from 3 to 5 hours or more to browse through the outlets. These flea vendors rotate on a weekly basics and you could also attend workshops such as leather craft.

Besides shopping for crafts or arty-farty lifestyle products, children and adults could visit the Hamasan Museum of Taiwan Railway. You could pay to have a joy ride around the area on a mini train system that run on tracks. Probably one of the best instagrammable spots in Kaohsiung would be the large open area of railway tracks (last image). Besides tourists, many locals were seen having fun there. Be it having a picnic, gathering with family or friends or playing with their doggy pals. Many large scale bronze/brass sculptures were randomly scattered across the plains as well.

That day, I was tugging along my heavy luggage which hindering my shopping and admiring process. Due to time constraint, I did not have the chance for a revisit after checking in though.

Anyway, left with 1 more post of my Taiwan (Kaohsiung) trip!

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Opening Hour: Monday to Thursday 10:00-18:00
                          Friday to Sunday 10:00-20:00

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