PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road Hotel Review

PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road is one of the best hotels in Little India.

I almost went to PARKROYAL on Beach Road because I was confused with the location. Fortunately, my friend reminded me that PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road is located just beside City Square Mall. I alighted at Farrer Park Station and made my way over to the hotel.

As I walked toward the check-in desk in the lobby, I was amazed at the wide and spacious hallway. The interior itself was a blend of beige-grey monotonous tone which reminded me of a columbarium. Perhaps it was nonpeak season and the only people we spotted were the hotel’s receptionists. After our successful check-in, we headed up to check out our room.

The room has a similar tone, browner this time due to the wood textured flooring and the table desk. Overall was quite clean despite having a retro-minimalist vibe. Just like the other PARKROYAL COLLECTION hotels I have stayed before, we had access to drinking water via a built-in tap in the toilet.

We decided to head over to the gym and pool before dinner. Not exactly to use the facilities that day but just to take some photos. The pool was huge as compared to many other hotels, huge enough for those who would like to swim laps. I had a quick dip, and the pool was definitely cold that day, especially when the chilly wind blows.

Buffet spread at Spice Brasserie

I was already excited for what would come next! A dinner buffet spread at Spice Brasserie, located at the ground floor of the hotel. It has been quite some time since I had buffet and I definitely miss having free flow salmon sashimi. Not that I could eat a lot though. I looked at the selection of food, eyeing some dishes such as the baked salmon, satays and roasted lamb. Not forgetting the Chinese boiled soup which I almost had a second helping. My friend on the other hand, was happily attacking the seafood section. He loves the chilli crab, prawns & crayfish.

We ended off with desserts such as bite size kueh and cakes, DIY muah chee, durian pengat and teppanyaki ice cream! It was so satisfying. Aside from the International and Chinese dishes, Spice Brasserie also offers a variety of Indian dishes selection. I tried some and found it delicious too. I went back to the room bloated that night, regretting eating too much.

At breakfast the next day, I did not dare eat too much, although I was tempted by the international breakfast offerings. It sure was hard to control. Finally, it was time to pack up before heading back to office. It was a pleasant staycation PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road, making it my 4th time staying in a Parkroyal group hotel.

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