Joya Onsen Cafe, Japanese Bathhouse Review

Joya Onsen Cafe is a Japanese onsen for one to unwind and relax.

Located at the west end of Singapore, Joya Onsen Cafe is probably not the most convenient place to travel to. After I have alighted from Joo Koon station, it was about 10 minutes’ walk before getting to the Japanese bathhouse.

The entrance fee for adults is $41.80 per pax, and I took off my shoes at the doorway before heading in. Joya Onsen Cafe has a beautiful Japanese style cafeteria which I passed through as I walked towards the back of the hallway. Instead of a yukata, I selected a set of jinbei to change into. There are other amenities provided such as a bath towel and a modesty towel to cover up your private areas while soaking. For those who are uncomfortable being naked in the onsen could wear a disposable underwear provided as well.

After changing into my jinbei and locking my belongings in the designated locker, I headed back to the cafeteria with my friend. We had a drink while sharing a plate of wagashi (Japanese sweets), which had fillings of either yellow or red bean paste. How could we not take some zen photos on the tatami mats? Aside from the cafeteria, the corridor towards the onsen is another photo-worthy spot. There are even props such as Japanese fans and lanterns provided for your photos.

It was time to visit the onsen after the countless photo taking. We changed out of our jinbei, armed with only a modesty towel and went in. Shampoo and soap are provided, and it is necessary to shower before soaking in the onsen. Unlike other onsens I have been to, Joya Onsen Cafe has minimal pools. There was a central hot onsen pool, a smaller cold bath pool and a sauna room. For those who have soaked enough could rest on the beaches along the sides.

Soaking in an onsen is definitely a relaxing thing to do and I quite enjoyed the experience. Joya Onsen also offers onsen packages for those who would like to soak regularly. Private onsen are also available and advance booking is required online.

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