War Remnant Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam is a country which has lived through many years of war, and it is no surprised to find many wars related museums here. I visited the War Remnant Museum during my first day in Ho Chi Minh City since it is walking distance from The Odys Boutique Hotel.

We each paid an entrance fee of 40,000 dong to access the museum, which operates daily from 7.30 – 5.30pm. The ticketing counter closes by 5.00pm. The War Remnant Museum has both outdoor and indoor exhibits that showcase a collection of items from the Vietnam war.

For obvious reasons, all of us would start off from the outdoor exhibit. The outdoor exhibit felt more interesting since there were many different military vehicles and combat units. From tanks to fighter jets and helicopters which most of us would love to take photos with.

The main building of the museum comprises of three floors of exhibits as shown in the map below. Each gallery features a different category such as “Historical Truths”, “Agent Orange During the Vietnam War” and more. Some galleries are photo exhibits that document the brutal reality of war and post-war consequences. I personally felt some images were quite gruesome, especially at the “Agent Orange Effects” gallery.

Some other galleries feature artefacts such as medals and badges, firearms used during the war. For those who are keen to read about the rich history of the Vietnamese war, this is one of the must-visit museums.

There is a museum souvenir shop at the ground floor where you can purchase various handicrafts and ornaments. They also sell Vietnamese military headgears like helmet and hats which I felt was interesting. Feeling tired? Grab a cup of coffee and have a break over at Museum Coffee too.

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