Tokyo One Piece Tower That Shut Its Doors Since 31 July 2020

For all One Piece fans out there, it is unfortunate to hear about the shutting down of Tokyo One Piece Tower. The management’s decision to close it down since 31 July 2020, due to the impact of COVID-19 outbreak.

Many thought that Tokyo Tower is just a beautiful landmark for photography. In fact, it is also an indoor theme park for the popular Japanese manga series, One piece.

One Piece Japanese manga series is about straw-hat Luffy whose goal is to be a pirate king. He had eaten the gomu-gomu devil fruit and was granted elastic properties like rubber. As a leader of Strawhat pirates, Luffy and his crew set sail to achieve their individual dream! The manga series is still ongoing with multiple arcs that kept me glued onto, week after week.

Being a fan of One Piece Anime, I was naturally quite excited to explore this theme park. Despite the time constraint of less than 1.5 hours, I still managed to squeeze in some time to visit the place.

It was a mad rush to purchase tickets, making our way through the gates to the World of One Piece! We were all herded batch by batch into the 360 Log Theatre. In it, there was a large 360 degrees screen that introduces One Piece. In fact most of us who visited needs no introduction to One Piece.

The whole concept of this theme park revolves around an Island in the New World called Tongari Island. This island is where the Straw Hat crew had landed on. The place offers mini games, photography with character sculptures and a show by cosplayers.

The games are pretty much simple, suitable for both young kids & adults. The only downside was the language barrier as its posters were all in Japanese. We tried to cover the whole theme park as much as possible, making full use of the time to take plenty of photos rather than enjoying ourselves literally.

There was also a souvenir shop that offers tons of One Piece related merchandise. Besides that, a restaurant can also be found there, obviously with Sanji, the cook of One Piece standing right next to its doorway.

It is a rather sad news that Tokyo One Piece Tower no longer exists. At least I get to keep these photos as memories!

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