The Fairy Forest Nha Trang Review

The Fairy Forest Nha Trang is an off the grid tourist attraction worth visiting in Nha Trang. It is located at Phước Đồng district, southern outskirt of Nha Trang itself. I managed to find this hidden place with the aid of google map, since we had plenty of time to spare that day.

We took a grab from the Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute as the distance wasn’t too great. After many turns through narrow, winding roads, we finally reached the entrance to the fairy forest. There was someone standing at the entrance collecting entrance fees. We paid and set off to explore this beautiful place!

Things to do at The Fairy Forest

Inspired by the various fairy tales we all read as children; The Fairy Forest has many photo-worthy backgrounds. I love how they had hidden sprays installed around the path which gave off mist, adding to the overall experience. At the center of the garden was a wooden platform that was about 3 stories high. We climbed all the way to the top, where you have a panoramic view of the beautiful surroundings.

While exploring the place, I suddenly heard countless “baas”. I almost forgot that I remembered reading up that The Fairy Forest do own some small animals on site. Undoubtedly, there were a handful of hungry sheep all waiting to be fed. There was also a pony, some rabbits and birds all in their enclosures. Unfortunately, the alpaca mentioned by people on Google map was no longer around.

After running around and taking photos under the hot sun, we found a cozy cafe located within the compound. Although the menu was small with mainly coffee or tea, the ambiance made up for it. We picked the seat beside the koi pond where we could admire the koi swimming about. A small packet of fish food was given to us upon ordering, and we happily fed the fishes.

In conclusion, The Fairy Forest Nha Trang provides plenty of photo opportunities to locals and tourists alike. It is not yet a popular tourist destination and I did not need to queue to take photos. There were also still some renovation works going on which could possibly be the expansion of the place.

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