Tea and Incense Experience by Local Artist Wong Lip Chin in Chinatown

Open to the public from 25th February 2022, The Gathering: 千岁宫 is a new site-specific art installation by local artist Wong Lip Chin.

Located right beside Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, one might come across a setup from an ancient Chinese context.

An installation that recreates an elegant gathering, inspired by the winding stream party experience 流上觞曲水 set within a Chinese garden. I had recently attended this session of tea and incense pairing hosted by the artist Wong Lip Chin himself.

Wong Lip Chin has an ongoing interest in Chinese history and culture that led to this site-specific art installation, curated by Singaporean curator and exhibition-maker John Z.W. Tung.

Tea and Incense Experience

In order to set up such an atmosphere, artist Wong Lip Chin has done his research. With huge bonsai trees, large white rocks, and the tentage, I could not help but take many photos. The intricately constructed table with a winding stream feature was amazing too! I bet most of us would love the vibes of being in such a rare pop-up Chinese garden setting.

The tea was prepared with a blend of different ingredients and served in exclusive teaware made from Singapore clay. It was interesting to watch teacups being placed on a tray that floats on the ‘river’. In the past, Chinese literati would seat themselves along the banks of a coursing stream. They composed poems as cups of rice wine floated down to reach them.

The incense presented was made from scratch and heated over charcoal the traditional way. I have always enjoyed the aroma of incense. Perhaps I was converted to someone who appreciates it too!

It was definitely a rare opportunity for me to experience Chinese culture way beyond my time. Not only does it help in the preservation of the heritage, but also educates the younger generation.

You might want to book your slots here before fully booked since each session could only cater up to 4 pax.

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