Sunnystep Shoes Review – Utmost Comfort for Long Distance Walks ($8 OFF Discount Code)

Good shoes are critical for our foot health, mobility and wellness, and Sunnystep Shoes are designed based on that belief.

I was excited to learn about Sunnystep shoes, a comfortable walking footwear brand designed to minimize stress on your feet and body. The shoes include useful properties such as being lightweight, blister-free & water resistant. Most importantly, the design also caters to Asian wider and flatter foot shapes. Definitely perfect for people like me who are always on the go. We would wonder why the need for the right pair of shoes. The right shoes can:

1) Improve our posture

2) provide balance and stability

3) Allow us to walk or stand for longer period of time

4) Prevent injuries

5) Support our entire body

I decided to check out Sunnystep online store, and some of their designs immediately caught my attention. Each designs have a range of different color options to select from and I already had brown in my mind. With 11 stores across the island, I visited NEX outlet which was closest to my home.

After selecting the size and putting it on, I immediately started walking around the outlet to test the shoes. It was really comfortable, and I could feel the anti-shock gel cushioning at the heels and the ball of the foot.

The design I selected and feature here is the Elevate Sneaker for Men – Sand color. Brown is probably a universal and easy to match color and I have already started wearing it out. For those who would like to purchase a pair of Sunnystep Shoes, do make use of the discount code below!

Planning to purchase a pair?

Discount Code: SUNNYSTEP8OFF 

$8 off entire order with a minimum purchase of $125. The discount is not valid to be used in conjunction with other offers. You can purchase either from online or offline, in any of the Sunnystep stores!

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