JHGC by Aderans Scalp Treatment Review

JHGC by Aderans 6 Steps Treatment for Healthier Scalps

A couple of weeks back, I visited Japan Hair Growth Consultants (JHGC) by Aderans, a professional hair salon from Japan for scalp treatment. The salon specializes in various hair treatments especially in AGA and hair growth.

Before commencing with the hair growth treatment, I was first introduced to its procedures by the hair consultant, followed by a scalp analysis. I could see for myself that I had clogged sebum due to oily hair at times. Sebum builds up over time to clog our scalp pores which would result in hair loss over time. I was already excited to start my hair growth treatment to achieve healthier scalp!

There were 6 steps to this treatment and I have done a short breakdown on them. A scalp care agent was first applied to my hair to help stimulate hair growth. My hair had to undergo a steaming process, where the steam helped to open up the pores. The steam also assist sebum hidden below the pores to resurface.

As you can see below, the step which I enjoyed most was when my hair consultant did the scalp massage. After rubbing out the sebum that was clogged beneath my scalp pores, it was followed by shampooing that rinsed off the sebum.

JHGC by Aderans uses products from Japan

A serum known as the scalp revitalizer was first applied after the shampooing. It emitted a strong herbal smell which I quite liked since I am a sucker for anything herbal. Its function would be to promote hair growth and could penetrate into my pores.

Following the serum was the application of another hair care solution from Japan. This time is was minty and refreshing, giving my scalp a cooling sensation and strengthens my hair. The scalp treatment ended with my hair blown using the same machine which emits the pink light.

In conclusion, I was glad that I could experience JHGC by Aderans 6 steps treatment for healthier scalp. I hope to maintain healthier scalp to prevent hair loss issues due to work stress and lack of sleep.

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