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Roots Care Hairdresser Customized Hair Treatment Review

Every individual could have different reasons for oily scalp. It should be work stress and late-night sleep which contributed to mine.

I recently headed down to Roots Care Hairdresser the other day. It is located at City Gate Mall, along Beach Road. Since it was my first time coming to this mall, I was surprised that there were many other hairs and beauty-related salons there. I went to the basement and found Roots Care Hairdresser, tucked in a cozy corner.

Since it was on a Saturday, there was a slightly longer wait. I took a look around and realized that they have 2 private rooms as well. Finally, it was my turn, and I was recommended the customized treatment for DHT & oily scalp. My hair sometimes tends to be oily and would have acne once in a while. It resulted from the excessive sebum, thus clogging my scalp pores.

My hair therapists wasted no time and started the customized hair treatment. It started off with a scalp massage, before the application of hair serum to balance the oil glands. The next step was the use of infra-red light emitted from the machine, for assisting in absorption. I did get a bit restless waiting though.

After that, my hair was washed thoroughly, and was feeling quite refreshed! My hair therapists proceed to spray a fine mist of essential oil on my scalp, before ending the treatment with high-frequency disinfecting.

The overall process took about an hour and a half and I was glad my scalp was given some form of maintenance to balance the oiliness. Roots Care Hairdresser specializes in all hair & scalp services, including customized wigs, with the latest hair replacement system to regain back your confidence! You might want to check them out.

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