LENE Bird’s Nest Review

New Product Feature: LENE Bird’s Nest

Jaclene is the founder of LENE Bird’s Nest, a local company in Singapore. She started the brand to help others discover the health and beauty benefits of bird’s nest. Not only does the brand pays tribute to her mum’s dedication, it also reflects her aim to offer bird’s nest in its purest form.

LENE Bird’s Nest is freshly brewed upon ordering, made from only 3 ingredients. Bird’s nest sourced from Malaysia’s house nests (instead of cave nests), distilled water and monk fruit extract. Since it is 100% sugar-free, the mild ‘sweetness’ attained was from antioxidants called mogrosides of the monk fruit. Never mind the biology and just savor the prized nature’s goodness.

I love how the packaging looks so minimalist. 7 individual bottles, each containing 1.5g of bird’s nest. Instead of loose bits, I could see that within each bottle had fragments of the nest itself. Did I forget to also mention that no colouring, stabilisers, preservatives or addictives were added too?

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