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House Of Javanese Massage at Johor Bahru City Square

Is House Of Javanese Massage a place to go for a massage at Johor Bahru City Square?

It was a short-day trip to Johor Bahru, settling my lunch with the famous curry fish head just walking distance from Johor Bahru City Square. It was followed up with me over buying the famous wood-fired oven banana cakes from Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory.

After a bit of shopping about, my friend wanted a foot massage and we decided to walk into House Of Javanese Massage located at M2-23 for one. Unfortunately, the slots were fully taken and our alternative plan was to try the full body massage instead. 

I am usually not the type that would be keen for massages and that day was no exception. The interior of House Of Traditional Javanese Massage was dim and had a rustic atmosphere from rattan and bamboo furnishing. Soon, we were led into a large room, segmented into smaller ones by flimsy looking partitions.

After changing into my disposable underwear, the massager assigned to me started applying oil before proceeding on with the massage. In my personal opinion, the overall experience was perhaps mediocre as the pressure was not quite on point. I somehow did not exactly feel recharged or could feel an improvement in my wellbeing. 

The cost of the Traditional Foot Reflexology (30mins) is RM48 while an hour would be RM55 for non-members. Javanese Massage The Traditional Javanese Full Body Massage (60 mins) is RM79, 90 mins would be RM116 and 120 mins is RM153 for non-members. Besides full body Javanese massage, they also have other services such as Aromatic Javanese Full Body Massage, Body Scrubs, Shoulder Massage as well as Pre-natal Body Massage.

Check out where they are located in City Square Mall or my list of wellness services.

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