Hotel Penaga Penang Review

Hotel Penaga is a heritage and boutique hotel in Penang and has a jacuzzi in its rooms.

After having stayed over at 23 Lovelane Penang Hotel the previous night, I carried my luggage and walked a couple of streets over to Hotel Penaga. It was a last-minute decision as I only booked the hotel a week before my trip. What caught my attention was its high number of positive reviews and having a jacuzzi in the room.

Hotel Penaga was originally a three row, double storey, terraced building that includes houses and shophouses. It was then converted it into a forty-five-room heritage boutique hotel. Most of the renovation uses the traditional architectural methods and original furniture.

I walked past 2 stone statues near the entrance before making my way into the hotel. Stepping into the lobby felt surreal and almost as if I had gone back in time. The wooden reception counter, beautiful tiles and stained windowpanes were gorgeous. I decided to quench my thirst with the complimentary welcome juice beside the counter before check-in.

That night, I returned to my hotel room – Hutton Deluxe King Room with Jacuzzi, after a whole day out exploring. I applaud the owner’s’ effort for renovating and restoring the room so beautifully too! My room had that reddish, yellowish hue of the past.

However, I encountered some issues during my stay despite having read many positive reviews. Due to the loose fittings, I was unable to fill up the jacuzzi. I had to call the hotel’s reception for assistance to resolve the issue. Finally, I could sit in the hot water bubbling jacuzzi for over an hour, resting my tired feet. After that, take a shower while enjoying their unique shower massage feature!

To be given the room right at the extreme corner of the hotel was rather unfortunate. The WIFI connectivity was really bad, and I almost had no internet connection throughout my stay. The street was rather noisy and the restaurant closing nearby made so much noise till 2am. Just when I thought the noise was over, I kept hearing noises from the housekeeping team since their storage room was just beside. I definitely did not manage to catch much sleep that night.

Hotel Penaga has other facilities such as a small gym, Teratak spa and a restaurant – Rossi Italian. Not forgetting a swimming which I had mistaken for a pond, that faces the mini garden.

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