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HAACH Oxygen Facial Treatment Review

HAACH Oxygen Facial Treatment is safe for all skin types.

I recently visited Dr HAACH at Tiong Bahru Central Plaza for an oxygen facial treatment. Dr HAACH is the offspring of HAACH. It leans towards being an aesthetics clinic dedicated to delivering aesthetic procedures and medispa therapies.

My skin needed some salvaging as it has been oily and clogged due to the prolonged wearing of a face mask. The facial therapist explained that the treatment is safe for dull, rough, aging, and acne skin types.

After changing into the robes provided (optional), I lay down and was ready to start the Oxygen Facial Treatment. The treatment started off with cleansing of my face before some acne extraction. Thankfully the pain was still bearable despite not experiencing extraction for months.

Next, my facial therapist proceeds to apply some form of gel onto my face while using the oxygen jet machine to go over. There was a slight heat sensation, probably due to the tool’s fraction against my face. Last but not least was the application of a cooling face mask.

The treatment involves delivering oxygen to the deepest layer of the skin. It also nourishes skin cells, hydrates and detoxifying the skin, and speeding up cell turnover. I did feel that my skin was slightly more radiant after the Oxygen Facial Treatment.

For more details, you may want to check out their website here. Or perhaps read about other facial reviews too.

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