George Town Mansion is the Newest Heritage Site in Penang

George Town Mansion is located in the buffer zone of George Town UNESCO Heritage site.

My visit to George Town Mansion was purely accidental that day, as I turned into Datuk Koyah Road. This heritage mansion was pretty close to where I was lodging, and I was up early, slightly past 9am.

At first, I did not know that George Town Mansion was an attraction for visitation. I stared at the huge gold-black entrance gates before spotting the banner. As written, the structure is synonymous with the multicultural and heterogeneous constitution of the capital, of a former British settlement in the East.

As I walked in, a cheery staff called out to me, inviting me in for a visit. Since I still had time to spare, I did not refuse and paid the entrance fee of 25RM (adult ticket). You will be entitled a cheaper rate for visiting Pinang Peranakan Mansion too.

Built in 1879, the mansion was one of the many colonial mansions that stood the test of time. Not until 2018, Peter Soon, along local architect and craftsmen restore the mansion to its former glory. Peter Soon is a pioneer of preserving, reshaping, and introducing the cultural heritage of Peranakans. In short, the museum houses and showcase his private collection.

The museum’s opening was previously delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic. It was probably still in its soft launch phrase and its presence is still unexposed to the digital radar. Since it was still early in the morning, the tour only comprises of only 2 pax.

The mansion’s gallery was nicely curated as our guide walked us through the history. I could obviously relate more as compared to the Caucasian lady. There were various familiar artefacts such as Malay musical instruments, toys, ornaments and cultural clothes. I even got the opportunity to wield a large kris!

I would recommend dropping by George Town Mansion for a tour when you are around the area. There are excellent guides and staffs willing to assist me with photography throughout my museum experience. It is also a place with countless photo opportunities, starting with the antique car at the main entrance. The venue is also available for booking, be it a wedding photoshoot or a grand event meal.

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